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Southern New Hampshire University

Since 2016 the Principal Residency Network (PRN) and Southern New Hampshire University – Vermont Center (SNHU) have worked in partnership to support school leaders throughout the United States. Our organizations share a similar mission in guiding educators to become effective school leaders who support students’ positive growth and lifelong educational development.

PRN’s long history of offering uniquely experiential mentorship opportunities for future school leaders demonstrates their organization’s commitment to educators. Their work is both authentically collaborative and highly effective. PRN routinely inspires educators to build positive school culture for all faculty, staff, and students. By jointly developing thoughtful school leaders, SNHU and PRN are able to create long-term growth in America’s schools. Although the potential talent of every student is universal, PRN and SNHU work together to make sure that their educational opportunity is universally accessible.

It is inspiring to partner with an organization who shares such similar goals and organizational mission to better support underserved communities of learners and future leaders. On behalf of SNHU’s Vermont Center and the SNHU School of Education, we are proud to call the Principal Residency Network a highly valued educational partner and look forward to many years of our organizations working together. SNHU supports all work that develops future leaders into ethical and visionary school leaders who allow for innovation and social justice. The SNHU – Vermont Center is in full support of PRN to serve as a Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Sponsor through the New York State Department of Education.


The SNHU Vermont Center’s PDOC Team