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Portrait of a School Leader

Portrait of You as a School Leader

Here are some of the ideas, questions, and actions that you will be pursuing during your Professional Residency Network experience.

Talk with colleagues who know you well, and use a journal to help you explore your vision of yourself as a school leader. Explore a variety of modes and technologies to create a picture of yourself as a leader you want to be. Try stories, words, metaphors, and pictures, voice and video clips, collages. The prompts below may help you clarify your picture of yourself as a school leader. This is not the definitive portrait of yourself as a leader: it is a current picture of who you are as a leader now, and the kind of leader you want to become.

You will revisit this self-portrait throughout the experience:

1. What kind of leader am I now?

2. What kind of leader do I want to be?

3. What is the purpose of my leadership?

4. Who are my role models of great leaders, in history and in my own life experience? What values do each of these great leaders exemplify, and which of their characteristics do I hope to embody?

5. What leadership characteristics do I look for in my ideal principal?

6. Are there individual leaders whom I hope to meet this year?

7. What kind of leadership have I experienced in my life, both in school and in other places such as family and community groups?

8. What leadership qualities do I want to be sure not to embody?

9. What do I want people to say about me as a leader?

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